Witchy Ways

There is nothing worse than being a witch in your late twenties and still working as a waitress in your family diner. Don't get me wrong, I use to love working at The Brew. I love the locals, I love talking to everyone, I even love cleaning up after them, but after I found out that I belong to a colony of witches and we each have our own powers, then working in the diner isn't so much fun.

I'm the last of my family to get my Witchy Hour and my mom is wondering if I'll ever get my hour or if I'm doomed for life. After all, when I turned sixteen and in anticipation of having my hour, my family introduced me to my familiar. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to get my fury familiar who was going to be my constant companion. Lilith, my sister, has Riule the cat, Gilbert the Macaw is my mother's, and Miss Kitty the owl belongs to my Auntie Meme.

The joke was on me. When I opened my eyes I was confused. There wasn't a four-legged or even two-legged animal. There was a four rubber creature. A 1965 AC Cobra named Vinnie.

"You are different than your sister," I recalled my mother saying. "She likes to stay around the house where you like to run around, go shopping, and hang out with your mortal friends. So we felt it best that your familiar is your car."

It wasn't like Vinnie was a cool car. Sure, the AC Cobra is awesome, but Vinnie. He's snarky. He's sneaky, And he is jealous.

While playing a little game of Truth or Spell with my sister Lilith, my spell backfired sending me into the line of fire between a few bad men and Mick Jasper, an agent with SKUL. Now SKUL expects me, Maggie Parks, to help them since it was me that ruined their mission. Vinnie doesn't like Mick sitting in the passenger side and he's not good at hiding our family secret. Sure, I'd like to help Mick, but not at the expense of my Witchy Hour.

If you had your choice of a familiar, what would you pick? Leave a comment and enter to win a Tonya Kappes Loves Her Readers Tote and charm bangle bracelet!

Early reviews: "A delightful story filled with magic, mystery, intrigue and a touch of Southern humor." ~ Goodreads member Joanne

"I absolutely loved this book. The characters are very well developed, the scenes are very well described and the story line is fun with unexpected twists." ~ Goodreads member Cricket

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Spies and Spells

While Maggie Parks waits for her Witchy Hour, she works at the family diner with her mom, Aunt Meme, and Lilith, her sister - all witches. Soon Maggie gets entangled with a mysterious handsome stranger, Mick Jasper, and his secret U.S. organization, SKUL. Has she found her calling?

Be sure to check out Tonya's website for more fun!

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