What did Dolly Parton have to do with my book signing?

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be asked to come to White Pines Bookstore for a Mystery Day. It is located in White Pines, TN. The event was over the weekend and it was sooooo much fun!

One of the coordinators had made a special June Heal cake! If you've read The Magical Cures Mystery Series, you'll know how much this cake means to June and her sanity!!! Isn't it awesome???

There were 7 Kappes Krew Street members there too!! All of them had to drive an hour or more to come and I couldn't be more honored. You can be a member of the Kappes Cozy Krew group too!!! >>>> click here

While I was in Tennessee, I'd rented a cabin really in the woods! I'd gotten food and didn't need to leave for a few days. I didn't spend the time writing, I worked on my production schedule and content schedule. I had gotten a lot done that requires the time. This is really the hardest part of being a full time writer. Making sure all the business stuff is done.

I did take some hikes and just so happened to walk into a clearing where there was this little cemetery that was completely hidden, but had the most spectacular view of the mountains. In fact, I went twice to visit. It was really nice. 

Then...as a writer....I did a little research when I got back. The stones had carved dates on them by in the mid 1800's. The two family names were Parton and Thompson...as in DOLLY!!! Actually, Dolly's childhood home was a stones throw away from my little one room cabin I'd rented! 

It was so neat. I had no idea. I was staying on her childhood road deeeeeeeeeeeeep in the woods. I mean....deep!!!! 

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