Welcome to the Laundry Club.

Good morning! Get on in here. Welcome to The Laundry Club. I heard some rumblings y'all might be stopping by. I've invited the Laundry Club gals to join us. Let me introduce myself. I'm Betts Hager. I own this laundromat and a cleaning service. Not that you're going to need a cleaning service, but you might fall in love with Normal and decide not to leave.

That's what happened to our very own Mae West.

Don't you just love her? We do. Well, we didn't, but we adore her now.

Mae singlehandedly brought Happy Trails Campground back to life and started up tourism again in the Daniel Boone National Park. You do know that's where Normal is located. Right in the heart of the national park.

Anyways, our economy was headed straight in the toilet. When Mae got here, she was going to sell the campground and scatter right back to New York City. We weren't so welcoming since it was her ex-now dead-husband had taken almost everyone in Normal for their retirement. Still, everyone deserves a second chance. We gave Mae one and she gave us one.

She never left.

Goodness gracious, enough of my gabbing. Let me introduce you to the Laundry Club gals. They are hanging out over there by the coffee bar. We love coffee and I keep it freshly brewed all day for anyone who meanders off the street or here to use the laundromat.

Girls, say hello to our new friend. Don't mind Dottie Swaggert with her sponge curlers in her hair. She's loves a tight curl in that red head of hers. That right there is Abby Fawn. She's so smart. That's probably what makes her a great librarian. If you have any questions about social media marketing, she can help you. If you have any leftovers while eating here in Normal, you can also see Abby for your Tupperware needs.

We do have some good home cooking around these parts and if you're not careful, you just might gain a few pounds. That's why you need to meet Queenie French. That's why she's wearing that hot pink spandex suit. She teaches Jazzercise down in the undercroft of the Normal Baptist Church.

Now that you've been introduced properly, you can head on over to the puzzle station in the corner where you'll find some games while you wash and dry your clothes. Or you can enjoy your coffee in the family room area up front and watch a little tv. Or you can head on back to the reading corner where we have a shelf full of amazing books. You should check out Tonya Kappes. She's a Kentucky author. We try to promote our own kind as much as we can.

Or you can just hang out with us.

I guess I could tell you how we formed the club. All us gals come here to chit chat and it evolved into a book club. It was fittin' we name it The Laundry Club after the name. It stuck and that's what we are known for around Normal.

We were just gossiping...er...I mean discussing the big reenactment tomorrow. Queenie is in charge and she's having a hard time finding a replacement for someone who can't make it. Plus, we heard one of the prisoners just broke out and the Kentucky State Police is all over Normal.

Anyways, top off your coffee cup and sit a spell. Why not try a piece of our Blueberry Crumb Cake?

You can grab the recipe right here.

Welcome to Normal, Kentucky, where nothing is . . . NORMAL!

Mae West, owner of Happy Trails Campground, never thought she would become an actress like her namesake. Calling herself an actress might be far stretch as she plays a minor role in the local Civil War reenactment BATTLE AT CAMP WILDCAT.

When the reenactment doesn't go as planned, not one but two of the town's folks aren't playing dead. . .they were MURDERED! Come to find out there was a prison break and the serial killer is believed to be in Normal and someone has stolen a motorhome from Happy Trails Campground.

Are these connected?

Mae lets boyfriend and hunky detective, Hank Sharp, follow all the leads about the murders and on the trail of the serial killer because she's got bigger s'mores in the fire.

The motorhome owners have filed a lawsuit and suing her for the deed to Happy Trails Campground. Mae has embraced Normal and there's nothing or no one going to take her campground. She's determined to find the motorhome and return it to the owners before she hands over any deed to anyone.

Mae just might find out that tapping into her namesake just might come in handy when coming face to face with a serial killer.

You can buy MOTORHOMES, MAPS, & MURDER TODAY! Click here!


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