Weekly Coffee Chat

While I'm chatting, the neighborhood kids are starting to walk to school. I really can't believe how fast time has flown. In fact, Austin started his senior year at UK and Jack started his junior year at UC. Unbelievable how old EDDY is! Haha!

We had a family get together and I mean aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins once removed, second cousins...and three of my boys went to Nicholasville with us. 

Over the course of our time spent together this weekend, I asked all four boys what they considered their childhood home. 

Every single one said a house that we ONLY lived in for only FOUR years! We've been in our current house for almost 8 now. We moved here because they went to the neighborhood school and I was in six car pools. 

They said it was because they had long nights outside running around and playing. When we moved to our current house, they were practically driving and then off they went....

Which brings me to yesterday...Eddy and I have been thinking about downsizing. Of course I LOVE my she-shed and my pool, but I hate cleaning this big house and five bedrooms....

So we went house hunting. We want something very secluded and private. We will add a pool and that at the new place. LOW AND BEHOLD...

We found a gem! Four acres of beautiful country, creek, and pond plus cute little bridges and look at this guard rail on the road with the awesome flower box!!! Those are TREES growing in the flower box. This is one of the many bridges to the property. 

Y'all! I literally went by the house so much. We would look at one and then go back to this one. The house was built in 1910! It's a small white clapboard house and it had yet to be listed on the MLS. 

Y'all!!! Again...I drove by the house so much, the OWNER came out and stopped me the last time! He said he's been seeing a little red Fiat driving by so he though he'd come out.

If you think this cute guardrail is adorable...you should've seen the rest of the property! Amazing...until...I saw the house. Oh my stars! Yeah..um..NO! 

There were mannequins with wedding dresses on. I was a tad bit creeped out but really there was so much work to be done, that I'm not into that. I guess we will press on and probably end up building something on some property to fit our needs. 

We spent the rest of what Labor Day we had left enjoying our pool. It ain't so bad here. I guess I'll just keep swiffering!

Rowena sure did know how to spend her day off!

I also was tweaking the plot for Stamped Out. I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE creating new series and I think the Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery is going to be really fun! I hope you preorder your copy!

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