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Hey Y'all!!!

It took me a good couple of weeks to get my head wrapped around what is going on in our world, but I finally think I've gotten a grip. Even though my everyday life along with my job and Eddy still going to work is still the same, the emotional toll of the ability that is taken away from seeing my entire family has been a mental game. And I need my mental! I work in my mental! If my mental is all jumbled up, then my characters aren't talking to me! That ain't good.

But Easter did me good. I love Easter. We are regular church attendees and Easter is my favorite holiday. (Then Thanksgiving)=maybe it's because they are both about love and hope and giving, even though our Easter was different, we were able to do church and have our supper. We were with three of our boys and skyping the rest of the family.

As you can see, we even had a visit from the Easter Bunny! It was the first year I'd not been with my parents. That felt yucky. BUT we still got our annual family photo! As you can see...Rowena even made it into the picture.

I told my mom that after all this social distancing...and since I was so sick for two weeks during Christmas (if y'all remember...I honestly think I had the Covid now that I look back and I plan on getting the anti-body test when available.), that we are going to put up the Christmas tree, decorate it with Easter, sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Auld Lang Syne, happy birthday to me, Maddie (niece), Eddy, David (BIL), and my Jack (his 21st), Austin dress up in his University of Kentucky graduation cap and gown celebration. It's gonna be one heck of a party and trust me...y'all will see photos of it!


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