Weekly Chit Chat

Woooooweeee....Another week down, Y'all! I hope and pray everyone is safe and sound. We've had a lot of community on my Facebook Author Page with our 60 Days of Community. I would really love to see y'all there.

And this whole social distancing is super hard for me and my four kids. I hate not being able to see my parents but we do FaceTime daily which is better than nothing. Every Sunday we order out Chipotle and the kids come. I've tried to keep things as normal as possible so this past Sunday was still Chipotle Sunday. We FaceTimed my parents and though it doesn't really look like it in the photo, we did social distance. It's super hard NOT to hug my children.

I also made my kids favorite slice and bake Easter cookies. It was nice to get together with the kids but I always worry about them. So we ended up social distancing at the new property. We've cleared a lot of brush and trying to get on top of it since it'll all start blooming if we don't. The landscape has been neglected for 20 years so you can imagine the mess. But it's a great distraction right now. What are you doing to keep distracted and stay positive?

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