Weekly Chit Chat


Happy coffee chat! What have y'all been up to?

Last weekend was the last home game for the University of Cincinnati basketball and marks Jack's first season with the team. Not that I don't love UC basketball....I LOVE Jack, so wherever Jack goes...so do we!

Of course by we, I mean Eddy and my mom. In the past my dad would come with us, but he's been having some leg issues so he's been staying home and watching Jack on TV...well UC basketball on TV.

Mom also travels everywhere with us and most times leaves daddy at home. So I had to tell you this quick funny story!

Daddy has started complaining about being home alone. We just roll our eyes. Last week I had decided to drive the two hours back home for a day visit and when I walked in the house, Daddy was talking to somebody but I didn't see any cars in their driveway. I asked him who he was talking to when I walked in the family room and he was alone.

He pointed to that potted plant in the chair. He pulled up the chair from the kitchen table.

He said," my friend. I feel like a potted plant. Y'all just come and go. Have conversations without me, so I've got my potted plant."

OMG! I thought I was going to pee my pants. He's so funny and comes up with the funniest things that I just had to get a picture of daddy and his potted plant. Don't worry about daddy! He's on the mend and I'm sure he'll be joining us again!

I called Austin on my way back home that afternoon and glad I did. He was so sick. I ended up making a stop at his apartment at the University of Kentucky and taking him to urgent care. After a quick trip to the grocery and getting some medications, he was nestled in his bedroom and I was on my way back home.

I also got a lot of edits completed on Tents, Trails, & Turmoil. I'll be giving an update on new property next week so stayed tune!

Happy Sleuthing!

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