I'm not sure about you, but I've been seeing sooo many yoda memes on social media lately. We'd gotten Austin a 3-D printer for one of his Christmas presents. I didn't get to see him open because I WAS IN BED WITH THE FLU. 

He will be using it in his job as an architect when he graduates in May. Quicky funny story...

I begged Eddy to tell the boys to leave our sick house during Christmas break, but Austin didn't. He was playing with his 3-D printer nonstop. The only reason I know this is because I could hear it while I laid in bed with the FLU!

Anyways, I would wake up every couple of hours and I heard that printer still going at 3 a.m. I knew something had to be wrong with it. NOPE! 

He had that thing going for 12 hours to make that yoda up there. Then...the door opened and he waltzed in like it was noon! It was 3 a.m.!!! He'd been out with his friends and got an uber home...geez.

He went to bed and I went back to bed only to get back up at 6 a.m. because that printer was STILL going. Lo and behold, Austin was up watching the little yoda being made. 

I went back to bed. A couple of hours later Austin came up to my bedroom to tell he me was going back to college and gave me the beautiful butterfly and owl he'd made me. 

Though that printer drove me crazy, it's pretty cool. And who knew yoda memes would be so popular??



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