Weekly Chit Chat

Anyone else climbing the wall yet? I know, I know...us staying home for these few weeks won't last, but Y'all, you know I'm honest as the day is long and it's been very hard for me to stay home, so I broke out!

Okay...well I'm a big talker...I went to Kroger pickup and wore my super cool mask! Did you see the skulls on it? I felt like I was doing something illegal when I got out of the car to take this photo! It was exciting! Then...I went home. 

Another thing I've missed is my daily trip to Dunkin'. I never said I don't have a coffee problem. I certainly do. And I have plenty of coffee at home, but there's just something about Dunkin'.

Eddy came home the other day from work and he had the best surprise! My Dunkin' and in LARGE!


Hahhaaaa!! I literally crack myself up. Do you get it? Big Woods??? Remember we bought that property overlooking the Ohio River with the lake on it? Well, it's located on Mary Ingles Way, which is really where after she was kidnapped followed along the river to find her way back home. That's why it's named after her. In my goofy way, I decided that we'd do segment here weekly on the progress of our adventure.

This week was a big step! The demolition crew is starting to tear down the mansion house that's there. If you didn't see the walkthrough of the house before, scroll to the bottom and watch the video about the crazy mansion and the $69 million dollar lottery winners who use to live there.

Anyways, I do get out of the house to walk the land and play in the lake. Here are this week's bones....


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