Weekly Chit Chaat

Good morning!!! Do y'all have your cup of coffee? I know I've got another pot brewing. We have been spending a lot of time at the new property we bought and are planning to build.

There are eight acres of woods along with our lake. The land has been neglected for around 18 years, so there's a lot of growth we are hacking down and making burn piles. We are also tearing down the big ole dome house! I do a lot of live videos on my Facebook author page. I took them on a tour of the house and posted it below! So be sure you scroll to the bottom to watch!!

Over the past few days we have found a lot of skulls and interesting bones. We also went at various times to see exactly where the sun will be during the day and where we should build to have the best views. The sunrise was my favorite! 

Also, Austin came home from University of Kentucky. I'm not sure how long he'll be home because he has his own place there, so he could be there, but we sure like having him home. As you can see...so does Rowena! She does everything she can to get him to notice her. 

AND....his college graduation has been cancelled (maybe later) but for now, there's no date for The College of Architecture at The University of Kentucky to hold graduation, so...I had him put his cap & gown on and walk around the house. I bought it. I want a photo! 


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