Tuesday Coffee Chat

Last week the buyers of our home needed to move up the closing. They were sweet enough to let us stay in the house until the original closing, but it just didn't feel right. That means we busted our humps to get the new apartment finalized and can't get in there until this Saturday. Also, Austin has to be in Atlanta next week as in Monday! I ended up renting him an apartment sight unseen, so who knows what next week's coffee chat will bring! 

Still...a lot is happening. We are moving into our apartment on Saturday then moving Austin on Monday. But, taking Rowena to my parents on Sunday. She's going to stay with granny and grandaddy while I'm gone. 

We have moved a lot of our outdoor furniture to the property and I have to say I love it! We did buy a storage container and placed it in a temporary place on the property so Eddy can store all of his man equipment. We are actually having a roof made for it to fit the new house and we'll actually push it back into the woods, so you won't be able to see a whole of it. 

Every day little Ro and I have been going to the shamper and working. It's crazy how much work I get completed there! I even wrote over 35,000 words last week when I usually average 20-24k words a week! 

Eddy completed the electrical service which means the electrical inspector will be up to approve it so we will have full electric to the shamper soon!! I'll never go to the apartment after that!

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