The Final Chapter

Get to know June Heal!

Interviewer: Welcome June Heal to the blog today. She is the main character in the USA Today bestselling series, Magical Cures Mystery. There are six novels and two novellas, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to grab this series….do! You won’t be disappointed.

June Heal: Thank you so much for having me here today. It isn’t everyday that I get a request for an interview. Usually it’s Tonya talking for me.

Interviewer: I’m glad to have you and Tonya here today.

Tonya: We are happy to be here. Well, I’m just going to sit here and listen in so you two can conduct your interview. I mean. . .you kinda have to have me here to talk to June since she lives in my head.

*June rolls her eyes and brushes her bangs to the side.*

Interviewer: (clears throat and adjusts her body language toward June, ignoring Tonya) Tell me one thing you wish, after six novels, that Tonya would add to your storyline.

June: Ahem. I am finally engaged to Oscar Park and without spelling it out on the page or even playing it her head, we’ve had sex. But I want it on the page. I want to feel it. I want our magic in our real lives to come across as magic in the bedroom.

Tonya: (raises her pointer finger in the air like she’s in the classroom) I get that you want a sex scene. But that is not what I had promised in the Magical Cures Mystery series. I promised a fantasy and paranormal village in a world full of mortals. It’s an escape into fantasy, not fantasy sex or a guest post in Hustler Magazine.

June: Have you read your own description of Oscar? He’s freakin’ hot. I mean on fire hot and I just get a “the next morning” tag after you lead to a night of sex. I’m getting jipped.

Tonya: I don’t think the sex is a big part of the story. I think it’s all about the mystery and paranormal fantasy aspect that readers like. They enjoy getting lost in a magical village full of witches, potions, and magic.

Interviewer: Okay. Maybe we should move on.

June: Now that you opened a can of worms, I also think Tonya truly wants to be me.

Tonya: What??

June: It’s true. You gave me bangs, brown hair, a Fairy-God cat that acts like Kitty Kappes, Tonya’s real cat. And you are always plotting fictitious potions in your head to people who kinda piss you off.

Tonya: (plants palm on forehead) Did you really have to say that out loud?

June: Well, I do live in your head and all your thoughts roll around in there. Trust me, you are not going to get a new Jeep for Christmas so you better get that thought out of there because I’m so sick of listening to it.

Interviewer: June, tell us about your Fairy-God Cat.

June: That is one thing I love that Tonya did. Mr. Prince Charming is delightful. He showed up on my tenth birthday. Oscar and I thought he was a stray and years later I found out he was sent by the Order of Elders to protect me from the mortal world until I found out my lineage.

Interviewer: What is your lineage?

June: I’m a homeopathic curist, or as the mortals like to say, a witch who makes potions. I own a cute little shop in Whispering Falls, KY called A Charming Cure. I have a wonderful gift of intuition and when a customer comes in to get a homeopathic remedy, I get a sense of what is really wrong with them and add a little potion to heal the problem.

Interviewer: Sometimes this has gotten you in trouble and thrown you in the middle of a murder investigation.

June: It has, which Tonya is good at doing. Luckily I’m able to put together the clues and get them solved, but not without a lot of hard work. I also have to rely on Madame Torres to help me out.

Interviewer: Who is that?

June: Madame Torres is my crystal ball. A little snarky at times, most of the time, but she does come through for me. (June turns to Tonya) Why do you make Madame Torres so smart alec?

Tonya: Madame Torres brings a personality to the series that no other secondary character could do. She’s able to be loyal, but on the other hand give you snide remarks while helping you. She’s that friend you can always count on. The one who will never tell your deepest secrets and always be there for you. She will never turn on June or do anything to hurt the love and trust the two have. Madame Torres might give June a hard time, but it is all in fun.

June: I’m not saying I don’t trust her with my life, but she’s so demanding. Then if she doesn’t get her way, she’ll just disappear in that glass ball of hers. (June shakes her head)

Interviewer: June, what is another quality about Tonya you wish you could change?

June: She’s crabby and she drinks too much coffee.

Tonya: Me? Crabby? Coffee I’ll give you, but crabby?

June: (cocks a brow) I have really good ideas that you don’t want to listen too or entertain. You don’t even write them down for future novels.

Tonya: Because you do it at three o’clock AM! If you waited a couple more hours, we might have something, but 3 AM!

June: That is the only time that is mine. You have all those other people from all the other mysteries you write screaming over top of each other, three AM is the only time I get by myself.

(Tonya groans)

Interviewer: There you have it folks. The true relationship between June Heal and author Tonya Kappes.

Be sure to grab all the books in the Magical Cures Series so you too and see how the final chapter will end...


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