Rowena is broken!

Oh y'all...the fallout from last week's casserole topic...oh my stars!!!! I immediately got a phone from MY FATHER! Oh to be 48 years old and get a talkin' too by your daddy is something...well, let's just say it was something!

He said I threw him under the bus right before he told me that when my sister and I had moved out of their house that he finally told my mama after twenty years of marriage that he didn't like iced tea. Y'ALL!!!! My mama made iced tea for every mealtime! Hahhaa!!!!! That's a little family secret they swept under the rug! 

Get a cat...they said....she'll keep you so much company...they said. 

WHO ARE THEY?????????? Because ROWENA is broken!

She was supposed to be MY cat. But....she has decided that I'm not her human. No joke! I don't hardly see her all day, but as soon as Eddy's keys jingle the door lock at 4:30 p.m. when he gets home from work, she suddenly appears at the door. She meows, she rubs on him. He even mentioned how she jumps my snarl. Don't get me started on how she acts when he wakes up at 5 a.m. You'd think he was Santa Claus. 

Look at them. She's watching him cook. She's cried at the front door when he went out to water the flowers. NOW she sits with him on his chair!!! 

I've spent many nights picking her up and taking her to the couch, hoping she'd snuggle with me. She jumps down. I've given her many treats but she won't take them from me. Eddy smiles and hands one to her...she eats it. 

I think my cat's broken. 

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