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Character Interview With Hunky Oscar Park, Sheriff of Whispering Falls

1 - We all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you? I wish she’d put more love scenes in there with me and June! Or even had more scenes with me using my wizard wand instead of everything focusing on June and her gift of potion making.

2 - If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been?

3 - What do you love best about yourself? What do you like least? I love that I’m a cop and she made me super cute. The girl readers seem to love that and call me their book boyfriend! The least thing I like is how June seems to get in sticky situations without me there to help her out. I don’t like my girl in danger.

4 - What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through? The fact that June is in situations where she is eye-to-eye with a murderer. Since I’m the sheriff, I have to keep some things a secret and that’s hard for me to do.

5 – What do you want to accomplish in the next book? Now that June and I are married, I tell her a lot of the evidence and crime scene information I collect from the recent murder in Whispering Falls. It's been great because June has this amazing intuition and we talk out what might've happened and I get leads from her that I'd otherwise never gotten before. I'd like to accomplish more in the way of deepening my relationship outside of romance with June.


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