Lordy bee...y'all ain't gonna believe this!

Lordy bee....did you get down to the Sugar Creek Gap Hoedown Festival on Main Street this weekend? Hon-eeeeeee you better get you a big ole cup of coffee because you ain't gonna believe what I'm gonna tell you what you missed.

You know Florence Gaines...well...did you hear she got hitched? And at her age? I think her niece is right about Florence losing her marbles. But that's just me sayin' so don't be goin' and tellin' no one what I told you.

But did you hear where that Franklin boy nearly bowling down them cloggers during the middle of the festival and running from our very own Bernadette Butler and the sheriff?

Bernadette you know keeps in good shape for her age. She's got a good twenty, twenty five years to live so her mail carrier route keeps her gams looking good. But still...I can't wait to find out why that Franklin boy was causing all that ruckus.

Go on...drink up before your coffee gets cold.

Y'all got any gossip...errr...news to share around your town?

(Harriette, one of the Front Porch Ladies in the Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery Series by Tonya Kappes)

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