🙀Just when I thought there were no more kittens.... ☕ Coffee Chat With Tonya

This past weekend sure didn't start off like Eddy and I thought it would. It was parent's weekend at The University of Kentucky. It's Austin's senior year. After his term as his fraternity president was up, he'd decided he was done with the fraternity life so he went alumni. Since he's no longer active in the fraternity, he is more than happy to spend his weekends with his friends as normal students do. It by no means hurt our feelings when Austin decided we weren't going to do parents weekend. That meant we didn't have to go to the football. Hahha! WHICH...Eddy and I were good with that. Nonetheless, we made other plans for another day in the upcoming week to drive down there and go out to supper. 

On Saturday I spent the day writing on one of the new Mail Carrier Series books and getting my 2020 publishing scheduled nailed down, emailing various employees such as my cover artist and editor as well as getting my content planned on various social media platforms. AND....getting all the new recipes for the next few books baked and filmed so we can get those up on the Youtube book channel. 

It was a great working day. Cody came over for ribs on the grill and we were ready to turn in for the night...then....my bank called to ask me about a couple of charges that were out of character for me! Someone had stolen my card and charged all sorts of stuff. It happens...

Sundays I try not to work. We like to go to church and get groceries for the week. I meal plan and we just take it easy. Nope. Not this Sunday!

Oh those little stinkers! Here's how Sunday went. After we got our groceries unloaded, I said, "I think I'll get another cup of coffee and sit by the pool before I start baking." Eddy thought it sounded like a good idea so he got himself a cup of coffee too. 

Rowena was looking out the window at us as she does, then I noticed she started to get fidgety. I figured she was looking at mama cat but then I noticed two little yellow ears pop out from underneath the deck. I jumped up and ran up there. THREE MORE KITTENS!!! 

Y'ALL! I already had the FIVE in the window well....so this means both mama cats had babies! The yellow kitten ran underneath the deck (the small part where we can't get to) and I grabbed the two grey ones. 

Eddy and I were running around like crazy! I was so stunned, I...I...I'm still stunned. I already had homes for the five and they were going there today, but I called the people and figured a couple days wasn't going to hurt. Then I checked the other two I'd just caught to see if they would eat cat food. They did! So, I gathered up all the babies. 7 total and put them in the carrier and drove them down to Lexington to their new homes....

Then we stopped by my parent's house for a nice visit with them before we called Austin. We weren't going to stop by to see him but he said, "Can you take me grocery shopping."  Of course I jumped on it! So all in all, we did end up going to Lexington during parent's weekend. 


We have two have a heart traps. They are covered so the mamas don't know they are traps. I can't leave the traps out overnight because the coyotes or raccoons would claw the mamas to death. When I do put out the traps (daily) they sit on top of them. It's like they know what the traps are. I've even had three animal rescues here. We do have another rescue coming in the next week to see if they can use one of those box traps with the string. You know...the old kind. 

So PLEASE do not email about how I can catch the mamas. AND don't fill out the ask me a question form about how I'm going to catch the mamas. 

Trust me...we are beside ourselves over. 

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