Hi do! Welcome to Wild & Whimsy!

Good morning! I hope you slept well a the Cocoon Inn. Welcome to my shop, Wild and Whimsy Antiques. We have just about everything you need, but those dishes you're looking at in the display window, Roxy Bloom Cane is buying those. 

Roxy is hosting a Christmas day supper at the Bean Hive. I'm sure she told you all about it. I did hear some rumblings about her and Patrick pulling Ryan Moore out of Lake Honey Springs last night after his truck slide off the road due to black ice. I hope Roxy is okay. When you see her today, be sure to check on her.

Anyways, those dishes aren't for sale.  We are so glad you are here. Please, take a gander at all our fine antiques and boutique items. Remember...we ship! If you like an item and want to know more, just click on the photo.


** Side note: Tonya Kappes has been know to give away gift cards to readers to shop at the Wild and Whimsy Antiques. Be sure you gander at all the fun stuff. YOU just might win a gift certificate this week! Keep your eyes peeled! **

What do you see that you might like to purchase? We can give you a good deal!

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