Campfire Chit Chat: Phone Hacks & Giveaway!


Mae West rarely leaves her RV without her phone. We are so tied to our phones these days that we can use them to help keep us safe while we are hiking while camping. Here are a few of Mae’s tips:

1) Change your phone’s wallpaper background (the picture that comes up when your screen is locked) from a pretty scenic to something useful: an image of your name and a contact number (other than your own, obviously). You can do this by taking a screen shot after you input the info in a notepad function, or write it on a piece of paper and take a picture of it. This way, passerby who finds your locked lost phone will have a way to see exactly where you were going.

2) If you find yourself in an area that has poor signal coverage, activate your phone’s airplane mode for a minute or so. When you return to cellular mode, your phone will automatically connect to the nearest cell tower, instead of the weaker tower it might have been holding onto.

3) Facing an emergency situation and your cell phone suddenly has no bars? Try dialing 112. This will allow your phone to use ANY available service and connect you to an emergency operator for assistance.

4) GPS is a huge data hog and yet many of us rely on our phone’s GPS to get us to our destinations. There are several ways to beat the GPS at its own game. A) Before your road trip, simply screenshot your travel directions and refer to them rather than live location services. B) Many apps, including Google Maps, allow you to download the maps of the area where you’re traveling. Do this while you’re connected to wi-fi and then store the map. This will save you mobile date charges and actually be a lifesaver if you are traveling in an area with limited reception.

5) Putting your phone into airplane mode allows it to charge faster since it disables the power sapping transmission functions. It’s true, you’ll temporarily be unable to receive calls or texts, but your phone will have its incoming juice dedicated to charging the battery.

DO YOU HAVE ANY HACKS? Leave a comment and enter to win a signed copy of ASSAILANTS, ASPHALT, & ALIBIS!

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