Camper Tip of the Week

With all the Covid-19 and camping in every state, every state has different rules about camping, RV'ing and all the things that go along with the camper. So who knows what on earth is going on in each state?

One amazing site Eddy and I have found while traveling to our destination, which can be a couple of days and we aren't driving for days without stopping, so where do we park for the night if a state park is shut down?

HARVEST HOMES. It's a cool site where for a minimal yearly fee you get access to wineries, farms, museums, breweries and more where the owners let you park for a night or a few. I've seen some where the owners give you tours of their wineries or they offer breakfast. It's so cool! 

The photo is taken from the Harvest Host website. Check out this awesome article from Harvest Host >>>

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