A New Kinda Christmas

It's full blown Christmas time in Honey Springs and I couldn't be more excited. The Bean Hive, my coffee shop, smells like cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin. 

I've gussied up my usual Holiday Blend and given it a little extra kick by adding a little touch of Indonesia beans mixed in with some Ethiopian beans, calling it Jingle Bell Blend. 

It's proven to be a hot commodity this season. I've been working non-stop.

My Gingerbread Softies have been a big hit this season and I'm thrilled to share my secret recipe with y'all. 

But first I've got to get another log on the fire and flip the sign on the door to OPEN because it's going to be a busy day around here. 

There's nothing like a death that gathers people. And for some reason, the citizens of Honey Springs love to gather over coffee and come here to do it. 

Just in case you weren't sure, when I say gather, it's the sweet southern way to say gossip.

Remember how I mentioned how busy I've been, well Patrick, my husband, he planned a very romantic date night at the local Watershed Restaurant for some alone time. 

It was all going well until Ryan and Yvonne Moore were fighting at the table in the corner. We tried to ignore them best we could, but they weren't very quiet. 

We figured we'd just continue our romantic evening at home where we were going to decorate our Christmas tree with the fireplace light, then curling up on the sofa next to our dogs, Pepper & Sassy, to enjoy our tree. 

That came to an abrupt halt when we noticed Ryan Moore's truck had swerved off the road and into Lake Honey Springs. Patrick went into hero mode and quickly pulled our truck over, diving into Lake Honey Springs to save the couple. 

Unfortunately, Ryan didn't make it and the rest of our night was spent giving our statement to the sheriff and trying to comfort Yvonne. It's been a long night and with the news of Ryan drowning, I knew everyone would gather at The Bean Hive, not only for the gossip but for the hot coffee and my account of what happened last night. Not to mention the tragedy at such a wonderful time of the year. 

Excuse me for a second. Sheriff Spencer needs to talk to me. 

“I’m afraid the preliminary autopsy report on Ryan Moore came back.” Sheriff Spencer slowly stirred in the full creamer in his coffee.

“Oh good. I bet Yvonne will be so happy to be able to make plans for the funeral.” I tried to make the tension a little less but he was definitely tense.

“I’m afraid that won’t be happening anytime soon.” He slide his glance over to me. “I’m afraid the toxicology report came back with hemlock in his system.”

“Hemlock?” My eyes narrowed. “It’s it a bit cold and snowy for hemlock to grow?” I asked and looked out at the window as the snow, that was predicted, started to fall.

“That’s what is so unusual and why I need to investigate a little more.” Spencer took a sip of the hot coffee. “I’m afraid this was a homicide.” Oh, dear...I better make more coffee!

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