A Little Christmas Throwback

There are so many little things to do around the holidays that I've always said I was going to do...then the holidays pass and I never carved out time for me to go do those little things that I wanted to do.

This weekend, I made the time to do one! The Taft house is a house in downtown Cincinnati that has been turned into a museum. The Taft's really did live there and raise four children in the mansion.

Isn't it gorgeous? The Taft family was great contributors to the arts in Cincinnati and they donated their home to the city. The city made it into a museum filled with beautiful art.

During Christmas, they have a Christmas Past display of ornaments through the years. I was so happy to get to go this year.

Here are a few of the photos for you to enjoy!

These are just a few of the displays. It was really pretty to see and I'm thrilled I made time to go. What little pleasures do YOU give YOURSELF during the holiday??

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