A Charming Misfortune

Book 12

Magical Cures Mystery Series

Welcome to Whispering Falls, where magic and mystery collide.

Bubble... Bubble...

Summer in Whispering Falls is in full swing. 

Cures and trouble...

When a local Audubon Society hears a very rare and nearly extinct bird species is seen in Whispering Falls, in Petunia Shrubwood's head of hair of all places, the society comes to Whispering Falls bound and determined to find the rare bird. 
Petunia will go to any lengths to keep her animals safe...after all, they are the lost souls of those who have passed. 

Magic stirs...

The Karima sisters are haunted by a ghost that demands they help him cross to the other side, only the ghost's human form is not dead...yet.

And troubles double...
After one of the Audubon Society members is found dead, Petunia Shrubwood becomes the number one suspect. 

June Heal is going to have to use some very special magic if she's going to get Petunia off the hook before another person in the Audubon Society becomes extinct...like the bird they are hunting. 

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